Understanding Your Financial Responsibility

Understanding Your Financial Responsibility for Payment of Physician Charges

Your care in the hospital was provided by an Independent Physician Group.

Your hospital has arranged EMBCC Patient Services to have an independent physician provide specialized medical services. If you were treated in the Emergency Department, you may have received care from a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner who is supervised by the doctor. If you were a hospital inpatient, you were cared for by a hospitalist.

It is our goal at EMBCC Patient Services to provide you with the same high level of service you received at the hospital. To that end, it is important that you understand your financial responsibility for payment of physician charges.

You will receive separate bills from the physicians and the hospital.

While we work closely with the hospital, the physicians are independent of the hospital. For this reason you will receive separate bills from the hospital and the physicians for the services you receive.

What if you do not have medical insurance?

If you do not have medical insurance, our billing service will bill you for the treatment we provided during your visit and you will be responsible for those charges within 30 days of receiving the statement. When you receive your statement, you may call us to make payment arrangements, including setting up a budget plan, if appropriate. To understand your financial obligation to the hospital for their services, please contact a hospital representative.

Will we bill your health insurance for you?

If you have medical insurance, we will bill your insurance company for you as a courtesy. After your insurance company has processed your claim, they will let you know what charges remain to be paid, and you will receive a statement from our medical billing service. In some cases, the physician group may not be in-network with your insurance company, in which case, you may be responsible for any unpaid balances. Please be aware that your insurance company may send payment directly to you. In that event, we ask that you remit that payment to us along with any attachments from your carrier so we can properly credit your account.

How will you know if we have your current insurance information?

If you want to confirm or make changes to your insurance information click here, or you may call our billing service at the toll-free number listed to the right. Additionally, we utilize insurance eligibility verification services to determine whether patients are eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, or other insurance. You may opt out of this verification process by contacting our billing office within three (3) days of your visit.

Who can you call with questions about your bill?

If you have any questions about your bill from the physicians after you leave the hospital, please call 888-703-3301. For questions about the hospital charges, please call the hospital directly.